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votez_logo_kleinif you’re like me and think that voting is a big part of democracy then this site might be the right thing for you: (for obvious reasons only in german).
since sometimes the point of a ballot can be hard to get (especially if the title is misleading) then some background information can be really helpful to help you find your decision
the people behind provide you with little blurbs of information for the upcoming elections or ballots and explain you the pro’s and con’s of every tabling and even tell you who says to vote yes or no (e.g. if you always vote with the SP, they tell you what the SP advises to vote).
the good thing behind is, that the people which are behind it do not share one political direction. they actually think that politics sucks a wee bit, but also know that it’s important (especially as younger people) to cast its vote in elections.
so, if you think you might need a little boost to actually fill out that slip of paper, then you definitely should subscribe to their newsletter and you’ll get an email tailored about two weeks before you actually have to send the ballot in.

oh, and if you do not know how to actually fill out that slip of paper, then this little illustration might help you (wonderful!)

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