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that was fun!

thoemu-bikelinethis morning i went to thömu to see if he has any good bikes to offer (he has). i knew that my mom went to röschu around noon to buy a bike for herself today, so i tried to be there as fast as possible (because i wanted to help her a bit and was already late).
the calculated route from oberried to röschus shop (according to is 11.39 km and takes 19 minutes. with my bike i drove the 9.34 km in 13 minutes and 50 seconds, resulting in an average speed of 40.5 km per hour. not too bad, aight?
now the question is, do i really need a bike that is faster than the one i already own? answer: yes, because it’s even more fun to drive fast with a racing bike than with a street-capable mountain bike.

oh, and in the end it turns out that i’m gonna decide between the bmc streetfire ssx (from our shop) or the specialized allez comp or the thömus slicker team pro. (guesss which one is the cheapest for me…) it’s a really hard decision. the price difference between all three bikes is less than 5% (i’m not gonna tell how cheap (compared to the real price) i get them) so it’s more of a “which dealer do i like most”-question…).
and in the end i also get 1k swiss franks from the insurance of the girl that trashed my bike. it’s not as much as i hoped, but at least the new bike is not gonna be as painful on my bank-account.

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