in none

what a silly boy.

i could slap my head!
i’ve been trying to write some files to my flash-stick for about three hours now. the thing was, that the permissions were not set right, so i thought this is some unixy hiccup, no big deal.

i tried to verify the disk itself and tried to repair the disk permissions using the disk utility. nothing.
i relaunched the finder. nothing.
i tried to reformat the stick using the terminal. nothing.
i even tried to rm some files on it using su. nothing (this was l33t-sp34k).
i looked up osxhints how to possibly resolve that issue. nothing
hell, i even rebooted my ibook, a thing only for severe problems. nothing.
and just about now i found out that the little dip-switch on the stick was set on write-protect.
again. i. could. slap. my. head!

good night.

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