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the librie is not so hot

some weeks ago i made a little post about the lastest drool-over-gadget from sony, the librie. now dottocomu posted a first look on the e-book reader which doesn’t seem to be so hot at all.
the look and the quality of the screen are impressive, but the screen is slow and the buttons are awkwardly placed. but the single most disappointing thing is, that you cannot load all books onto the librie (besides that you actually need the ac-cord to sync), but have to “rent” one of only 400 books sony offers to you. in addition those books expire after 60 days. so, if you’re a slow reader you have to buy the book twice or more.
as gizmodo says: a breakthrough device – as soon as some Swedish hacker unlocks the DRM that prevents us from putting our own media on it.
let’s hope that swedish hacker hurries up a bit (there’s hope, because the librie is supposed to run on some flavour of linux) or this will stay in the shelfs like nailed to them.
just imagine, it would be so cool to take the librie, 2 AAA batteries and some books from project gutenberg (or the german equivalent) into your holidays. no more shlepping of books!

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