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fscklogblogrollwhile having a look at my referrers something struck me.
besides all the ubiquitous pr0n-links i get a big bunch of hits from google and a massive hit from other blogrolls (many users of bloglines and postami and alike). hey, even the fscklog links to me in his/her blogroll (as seen on the left).
the thing that struck me is – as arni described it in one of his last posts – that, because i share a big piece of my life on the net with a growing bunch of people i do not know and i’ve never met, all the people who google me find out pretty much anything about me (at least the things i share) it’s like one big massive cv that builds up. arni described that perfectly. sometimes in the future there’s no need to include references in your cv, because the person offering you a job will google your name and find out everything he or she needs to know.
example? search for “cost + HO:YAG laser” and presents you my thesis, e.g. i did something with lasers in my past
search for “joya rennt trailer“, here i am again, e.g. i am somehow connected to that tv-series.
i could go on and list all the referrers from google, but the point i wanted to make (to those who don’t read arnis blog) is, that pretty much everything i (or any other person) posts/comments or leaves ont the net is gonna be history from the point on it’s there. and most probably, it’s gonna stay, too. this means: do what you want on the net, but do it responsibly, because it’s there and it will be there. treat other people like you want to be treated, and stay true to yourself, because you wouldn’t want your future boss or future business-partner or whatever find out that you acted like a complete asshole years ago. because he will be able to find out if he wants to.
time to go and cook (so my future boss, i like to cook :-).

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