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subservient chicken

tell the chicken what you want it to do (like “sit on the sofa”, “turn around”, “play some music”) and the subservient chicken does what you want.
i haven’t yet decided if this is a late april’s fool joke or a brilliant marketing campaign, either way it’s hilarious!
oh, and if you feel the urge to act like a subservient chicken or if your missus likes these sort of things, there’s even a chicken mask for you to wear :-)

[via glider]

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  1. nice, this little viral marketing site. but to be honest, it isn’t working out becuase you don’t see the brand that easy and clicking on the last link to get it, is way to indirect.
    Looks to me as just a thing like “everybody does it, we also need one of these viral marketing campains”… but it’s nice ;-)

  2. yes, if you look at the three movies hidden behind the “subservient tv” then it’s clear that it’s a campaign. i think if we’d live in the us, we’d have seen the ads in telly, maybe your brother did, as he now is in america :-)

  3. intresting for me is the fact, that especially the blogosphere help pushin’ it and made also clear that’s a Burger King campaign….