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sony – apple teamup? [update]

there’s always quite a bit of rumor that sony and apple might teamup sometimes (or the one is buying the other).
from the perspective as a gadget-lover this would result in the most technically advanced (sony) gadgets which are on top of the industrial design scale (apple).
here’s another evidence that both companies share the same views: if you look at the promotional pictures of sony’s latest hot gadget, the librie they seem to be shot by the same photographer that also does the promotional pictures for apple.
the librie seems to float in front of a white surface, with a subtle shadow, shot from a slight frog perspective.
here’s the direct comparison for you to judge:

librie_apple < ibook vs librie > librie_sony

if you want to drool over the specs (at least i did) gearbits has the lowdown on the librie (and well the sexier pic than engadget :-)
as an avid all-consuming reader i know i will need to tame myself not to buy that thing (except that it’s gonna cost more than any reasonable person would pay for it…)
just imagine going on a holiday trip an not needing to carry those seven books with you, but just carry that sleek little gadget.
the librie looks really promising, the screen has more than double the resolution than your average computer monitor and because the e-ink “paper” only needs juice when the image changes (here’s how it works) you can read around 10000 pages before replacing the batteries, giving you quite a bunch to read on those four m-budget batteries :-)

and now for something completely different:
a) while looking up some links for the post here i found an excellent mac-centric blog which is now on my rss-wachlist
b) for all those that still do not get the whole buzz behind rss, the current wired features an excellent little article about what it is.

update: corrected a typo (thanks to commenter :-)

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