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Locked Outside!

I pulled this out of my old school composition book. Typed fresh and posting here, I don’t know if anyone is going to like this or not.

What does it feel like to be locked away from home? No transportations, nowhere to go; only one you can blame is yourself.

It doesn�t feel that bad after trying everyway to get back, now I could get mad at myself and consider the rest of the day as a bad day, or I could just make the best out of what I have. So, I have decided to write journals and walk around my neighborhood. I still remember the good-old-days; when I used to come out here in the same playground and ride my bike and play around with the other kids. It seems like events from yesterday. Anyway, I have lived in this neighborhood for a good six years now. Behind my house, there is an elementary school: IPS school 105. Soon after I decided to come to the playground, which is about 200 feet away from my house. I found myself in the playground sitting and observing kids playing kickball. It was amusing to me to picture myself being a kid again and what it�s like to be a kid again. But, I rather observe nowadays than actually participate. Although, I wouldn�t mind partake in, but I love to observe people. I find it quite time passing event. Sometimes, I want to figure out why certain people do certain things also what goes through certain people�s mind. Through observing their behaviors in an anonymous way, I can find out a lot about certain people.

So far, being locked out of the house had its advantages. At least I used the time to write another journal.

– Syedur ::: Life :: Logged!

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