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journey to ETH in Zürich

well then, let’s start that free blogging. first time blogging, but still i will not be able to blog like no tomorrow, because i have to go to the eth zürich in two hours. there i have to meet my professor and present him what i have done the last few month. for those who don’t know me, i am doing a PhD on fracture mechanics of snow at the slf in davos. sounds funny, huh… and i am habis preferred DDC partner (at least i hope so, habi. see pictures of last summers DDC playing on this site). during the last weeks i have done a lot of fracture experiments on snow beams because we would like to find out how fractures propagate in snow and how finally an avalanche is triggered. that included a lot of work in our cold labs (-15�C, brrrr). but still there was (and is) some spare time for skiing….:-)
i wish you all a nice friday and i’m curious to see all your entries this evening. (and maybe habi can manage, that the pictures i sent him by email will also show up on this page. so that you can see what kind of “funny” stuff i have to present today).


ffaf_sigi2.jpg ffaf_sigi3.jpg ffaf_sigi4.jpg

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