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viruses and trojans are coming

in the current weltwoche* there’s an article about hackers and coders which was not too bad (although a bit pop-science).
i really had to laugh about the worm that Philet0ast3r programmed:

Ein anderer [Wurm], an dem er gerade arbeitet, installiert zwei gesprächsfähige Programme auf dem befallenen Computer, die dann in einem Pop-up-Fenster auftauchen und nervös miteinander darüber sprechen, ob es hier eine Antivirus-Software gibt und ob diese sie womöglich aufspüren und vernichten kann.

sounds really funny, makes me want to run that on a windows-machine and watching those two, while not being able to stop laughing hysterically. really!

note1: do those two programs talk in one window or is it in two windows? you see, the article was not very in-depth about the specifics of programming or so, just an enjoyable read.

note2: the english version of the article can be found on clive thompsons site

note3: are there still personal websites that are not blogs?

* yes, i still read it, although it’s not fashionable, but when i have to think about renewing my subscription i’ll think about it, really hard, promised!

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