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never ever a flat tire again? (not really)

l_scia040322engadget pointed out this device installed on a bike. the pump in the hub prevent you from ever having a flat tire again. the problem is, that the tire is not actually refilled when punctured by driving into a splinter, sherds or just too fast over an edge (resulting in a snakebite) but it designed to prevent the tire getting flat from the “normal” air loss.
hence you only need to bike approximately 3 miles a month and don’t have to bother that your bike has too low air-pressure, sparing you an excuse.
so i still can keep on dreaming that the flat tire i had at work today is the last one i ever had to fix :-)
at least continental sponsored some tires for us with their “you don’t have to buy a new tire and inner tube for a year, we do that for you“-guarantee, we’ll see what happens when i install them on my new bike, which i hope to be able to do in a month or so.
as you might remember i ordered four track-frames from poland. it seems like ages away, but there’s still hope that i’ll ride that cycle the guy wrote me that he’s actually finishing the fourth frame this week, so hopefully i’ll be able to spend some money soon…

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