in none

there was quite a lot of ’em

it was not like you will read in the newspaper today!
the demonstration was mostly peaceful, except all those kiddies slamming those stickers everywhere and also some that couldn’t handle their urge to spray paroles on the walls of berne.
the police was there with a massive amount (as you can see in the insanely brightened pictures below) and acted quite blindfold (endangering the whole demonstration, read more in the media-information).
towards the end, near the reithalle where the demonstration was about to dissolve some kiddies started to throw stuff (mostly empty bottles and small stones) towards the policemen (and also some women). those couldn’t help responding with their car-mounted water guns, so the whole scene got out of control pretty fast.
and guess what one will read in the news tomorrow? “big riots around the reithalle” and stuff like that. just about

exactly what the organizing people want to have remembered by all the absent people.

that’s what they say and what it was like:

Nach Auflösung des Abendspaziergangs kam es im Bollwerk zu unnötigen Scharmützeln. Vereinzelte Demonstrierende liessen sich auf das von der Polizei provozierte Spiel ein. Das ist nicht in unserem Sinn: Wir wollen Inhalte vermitteln – und werden dies auch in Zukunft tun.


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