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new bikes

today i called the insurance of the girl that hit me on tuesday and informed them that she did not hit a car, but destroyed a bike (they wrote: “please inform us, how expensive the repair of the motor vehicle is gonna be”).
the guy on the phone was really friendly, but also a bit weird: “oh, i cannot believe that your bike (something like this) costed 2000 swiss francs five years ago, it must be something really expensive then”. well, sure it was, it’s one of my work-horses, you silly! and when i informed him, that i’m also gonna buy a new helmet on the insurance, he also a bit surprised. but hey, i don’t wanna drive with a potentially damaged helmet, it’s just not safe (not that it’s safe in the first place :-)

and now comes the hard part. if the insurance is gonna pay me around 2k-bucks for a new bike i have to choose wisely, the choice is really big.

thömu has three really nice options.
price bikes has some of the slickest looking frames.
röschu has much more available and served me really well whenever i bought something there.
our shop has some very good deals on bmc bikes from last year.
or should i go for pinarello again?
decisions, decisions!

and why is the title of this entry new bikes?
today i went to the shop to get my other workbike (the one where i would be un-solaceable if it was damaged like the pinarello). the guys in the shop had to change pretty much everything except the frame :-)
i had to get two new rims, because the ones on the bike were paperthin, thus the also mounted new spokes and new brake pads. the main cause i brought the bike was that it needed a new set of chain rings because the ones on it served me well for about 8000 km, thus they also had to mount a new chain and new pinions (the cogwheels in the back). and because one of the shift-levers was broken, i told them to change that too. good that we have a decent rebate in the shop or else i would have paid much more than 577 bucks to get a literally new bike (all the major parts are brand-spanking new – exept the hubs, which were changed some months ago :-)

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