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mike van audenhove

last sunday my parents, my sister and me had a brunch in the marzilibrüggli (where nina works). during the brunch the nose of my father started running (not that this is an event that needs to be blogged :-) and then a comicstrip from mike van audenhove came to my mind.
zürich by mike is one of my favorite swiss comics, and luckily enough the züri-tipp – which publishes one strip per week – archives all the strips on its homepage.
so i skimmed through ALL of the strips there and finally found the strip that we talked about:
the nosedrop.

all the strips depict the life in zürich, but could also happen elsewhere. i must say that mike van audenhove has a real talent to tell those little stories that make you smile.
all the strips are in german or swiss-german so the selection below is only funny for those capable of that funny language:
some cheeky grannies
hacky sacky rules
messengers and traffic-lights
kids having simple but true fun
did you ever buy ikea furniture?
kids playing frisbee
winter biking
sometimes i feel like this in the morning

bear with me if the windows that pop up are in a strange size, i could not get it right, because i had to “hack” the links, the züritipp does not provide them in an easily bloggable format :-)

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  1. Mike,
    It makes me feel so good inside to see that you have become Europe’s greatest cartoonist. Give my best, for what it is worth, to your family. Gregg.