in none

grey tuesday

public disobedience?
count me in!

explanation: dj danger mouse remixed the white album of the beatles and the black album of jay-z which of course makes grey.
dj danger mouse (the man himself) explains it like this:

The Grey Album is an art project/experiment that uses the full vocal
content of Jay-Z’s Black Album recorded over new beats and production
made using the Beatles White Album as the sole source material.
Danger Mouse insists he can explain and prove that all the music
on the Grey Album can be traced back to the White Album and its
musical content via sampling. Every kick, snare, and chord is taken
from the Beatles White Album and is in their original recording somwhere.

the grey album has been hailed as a real hip-hop-triumph and i have to say that it’s really awesome. only 3,000 copies of the album are in circulation, but nonetheless EMI sent cease and desist letters to danger mouse and the stores that were selling the album, demanding that the album be destroyed. so a bunch of people host the album today as an act of public disobedience.
go and grab it, it will only last for today!

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