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lost in translation

tonight i’ll go and see lost in translation (or was it some other title?) with mike.
i wonder if it’s worth the four stars the local newspaper gave it.
as a asia-ophile i really look forward to it. one of my dreams is to go to tokyo or some other big and rumorous asian city (be it honk-kong or peking or whatever). hopefully the movie will fuel this desire even more.
we’ll see if that dream comes true…

update: piece asked if i liked the movie: yes, indeed! the “love”-story that unfolds between charlotte and bob is so romantic that i almost regretted watching the movie with mike :-) the movie is not an action-packed movie, there’s not much stuff that really happens (in terms of hollywood-happening), most of the time you just watch bob and charlotte spending time together in all the weird places tokyo seems to incorporate. my rating: go and see it, you better hurry!

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