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two quick panoramas

these are two panoramas (both qtvr)i made last week, both of ’em just little dirty hacks, because i did not use a tripod, just free-hand photography:

on top of the longer of the two ski-lift, an amazing view over the whole obergoms (916kb .mov).
the whole group at the start of the race we made on the last day(sibe on the far left and björn on the far right) (308kb .mov)

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  1. hey man, this tool is just too cool! fine pictures you have there. may I ask what you did use? i know i could ask you this using icq, but like this i get some points in your comment hitparade ;-)

  2. i’m using a demo-version of realviz’ stitcher (, which is really easy to handle (but has a display bug on my ibook, which doesn’t really bother that much).
    if you have photoshop, you must look at the panotools ( they are amazing! or you could go for the java-frontend for the panotools ( but for now the demo-version works fine for me…

  3. PTGui (for stitching) and Pano2VR for creating Flash/QTVR are worth a look. I’d recommend doing more than one row for these images, you will get a more complete final image then. eg. 360 degrees with camera pointing up, then same again but pointing down.