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the sound of silence

boingboing points out a really weird fact: at itunes’ music-store (how do you write that frigging thing? i’ll just stick to ITMS!) you can get songs which consist of nothing than silence. how funny is that: buy silence for 99 cents a pop and buy it with some proper DRM-scheme!

so, if you live in the us of a, you can get 6 minutes and 45 seconds (the full playlist at appleturns) of silence for just $8.91. this is really cheap, go and get it, while it’s fresh!

but watch out, some songs are labelled: (which i have to admit, is a bit hard to get..)

oh, and you can even buy 15 minutes of silence! (but only if you buy the full album)
(the link above and most of the links on appleturns will only work if you got itunes on yer box.)

[via boingboing and as the apple turns]

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