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well, after arni posted some code1 i tried to implement the comment-hitparade i mentioned earlier:
i works nearly like a charm, the only problem is, that my top commenter never left an email-address, so he appears as “empty”2
i really start to get the hang of all these movabletype plugins, a nearly endless resources of things you can do with your blog (i just want to start to use that blogtimes-thing.
(b., this is a hint!)

anyways, here’s the code:

<MTCommentLeaders exclude=”” lastn=”10″>
[<$MTLeaderAuthorLink spam_protect=”1″$> (<$MTLeaderCount$>):
<a href=”<$MTBlogArchiveURL$>
<$MTLeaderEntryLink$>#<$MTLeaderCommentID$>”>read last.
</a>]<br />

1 i need to get the hang of all that css-stuff! in a week i have a meeting with äbu (marco liniger) concerning some other web-project, he may have some tips.
2 your email is spam-protected (as you can see when you read the code, so start leaving it! i have to group the top-comments by email, if i group it by name then i cannot exclude me and that would be unfair…

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