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new feature on this blog

if you look in the sidebar then you see a new feature: “last comments”.
i borrowed a code-snippet from stuart mutie, adapted it a tiny bit and now you can see the last comments that were posted here on the site.
this is my snippet of code, use it and abuse it!

    <$MTComments lastn=”5″$ sort_order=”descend”>
    [<$MTCommentAuthorLink spam_protect=”1″$>:
    <MTCommentBody trim_to=”45″ remove_html=”1″ convert_breaks=”0″>
    <a href=”<$MTBlogArchiveURL$>
    <$MTCommentEntryID pad=”1″$>.html” title=”read the whole buzz”>>>
    </a>]<br />

and i got another one in the working, a hit-parade of most active commenters, coming soon….

now it’s time to go and read that NZZ-Folio.