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new headphones

today my cheapo headphone was killed in an accident (it fell out my bag while i was on the bike and the cord was ripped off, no big deal, it only costed 9.90 a year ago.)
so i thought it’s about time to get a real headphone:
i went to eschenmoser (my favourite discounter here in bern) and after trying out all the headphone they had on diplay there (ok, i did not really think about getting a headphone for 590 swiss francs) i bought the koss portapro (pictured left) for 99 CHF.
This sounds quite expensive, but i have to say it was the best headphone i listened to, the quality in the shop was really impressive.
the moment i came out of the shop i started to realize that i bought the real thing . when i plugged the koss into my ipod i knew i was missing something since the moment i bought those cheap headphones i used since a year or so. the sound-quality is at least ten times better :-)

i have to say that i’m never ever gonna buy cheap headphones, sometimes it’s better to spend some more dough. (not that i need to ever buy another headphone, because the portapro comes with a lifetime warranty…)

and now i come home, and want to blog it and find out that the portapro is unbeatable in his class and has been rated the best headphone in different tests. how cool :-)

[image from intech]

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  1. i have been a huge fan of these headphones for a few years now. what surprises me other than the power in the bass these babies can muster is their stability. i had mine for i think 4 years, banged them around everywhere, they never seem to break, despite the frail feel they have.

  2. quite a lot of people came to me and commented on how flimsy those headphones looks.
    i’m looking forward to listen to a lot of songs with a huge amount of bass delivered through these babies :-)

  3. I’ve never tried those headphones, but I have Sony’s MDR-V250’s. They have a brilliant sound but sadly they’re not as durable as they should be..