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boah, this is what i call spamming!

today when i checked my mail i nearly couldn’t believe it, i got 176 new mails in my gna-inbox. first i thought it’s a major hit of mydoom.a, but then i found out, that it’s just a major issue of blog-spam.
not too bad, the guy (i suppose it’s a guy, so no offense to all my female readers…) managed to spam each and every entry on my blog. despite i have MTBlacklist installed, all the keywords he used slipped through MTBlacklist’ filter.

it’s gonna cost me quite some time do de-spam the whole blog.

ps: yes, i know i had 195 entries on my blog and only have 176 mails in my gna-inbox. the other 19 mails were filtered to my spam-box (which you can also see on the screenshot above) and were immediately deleted…

update: thanks to spamcop the people at ev1 got a little note, telling them that the ip did a massive spamming this morning… let’s see what they do about.

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