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servus vienna

nina won two return-tickets with, the new swiss airline.
guess who was invited :-)
not too bad to fly to vienna for 120 bucks for two persons, aight?

and yes, i would not take the plane to go to vienna, because for the same price (without rebate) you can take the night train which overall is only one or two hours slower, if you account for the check-in time and travel to the airport and travel from the airport and stuff like that. but nonetheless, an almost-free flight is pretty cool, don’t you think?

and the best thing is that gave away 10’000 free tickets this december. and guess who still has a ticket for one flight to vienna, valencia, alicante, bruxelles, palma the mallorca or malaga left? that’s right, me. so i “have” to fly to one of these cities until the end of march. decisions, decisions…

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