in none

maybe a new ipod?

this evening arlette called me.
arlette is franziska’s stylist, which helps her for the campaigns that franziska makes the pictures.
they are seeking some people for a campaign for la redoute who stand around a tram while a girl in a bikini enters that tram (this is gonna be freezing, because at the moments it’s subzero conditions here)
and if i can go, then i’ll get me a new ipod from the money i get. mine starts to act strange and the guy at apple-store told me on the phone (after keeping me in the waiting line for 15 minutes…) that a repair costs 360.- (100 bucks less than a new ipod with three times the capacity). full stop.

ps: the last time i modeled i got me a digital camera for the money, so this would just be a natural progression …

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