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dumb people spending money

i just cannot imagine how dumb people must be.
i saw this auction on, where a guy sells his firewire-drive enclosure and thought, well 30 bucks seems like a fair price for it (to make me an external hd, because my ibook comes to it’s limit..).
and today i saw that some other guy set a higher bid, which is ok, that’s the way it works. but then, one day later he sets another bid, so he actually wants to pay more than himself :-)
and then comes another guy and bids three times the last price, how dumb must you be to do that? (or maybe he is only very impulsive and couldn’t think of another way to spend 95 bucks :-)

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  1. Ain’t that the autobid feature? At least for the first user (look at the bidding times!). That still doesn’t explain the highest bidder, though. That is, if Wwwdomich would have had an autobid limit, too, then he should appear twice, too, shouldn’t he?

  2. the first bid of fabian00 after mine is shurely an autobid, but the second was done about a day later, so he must have messed something up.
    but the point is more that axelf does not get the point of ricardo, or has just too much money on his hands :-)

    the way ricardo works is that you can set an autobid, but don’t need to set one, so wwwdomich probably just bidded (?) for that amount he did, without setting an autobid…