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bush in 30 seconds

If you haven’t seen the ironic ads for the Bush administration up to now, then it’s a good time to go to bush in 30 seconds.

all the ads are made to explains what this US-president bush and his policies are really about – in only 30 seconds – and under a creative commons license. the whole contest is a project of, a catalyst website ‘to bring ordinary people back into politics‘ which wants to create an ad to challege bush’s politics and politicians.
most of the ads are well worth the 30 seconds, go watch them, or as glider said: I hope the people who need to see these watch them.

btw: today at 11pm EST the winner of the little contest is to be announced live on the aforementioned webpage.
my personal favorite is “in my country“. “child’s pay” is really nicely made in terms of film-craftsmanship (and b.‘s preferred ad) and “desktop” is really simple and funny.

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  1. there are some nice video-projects here, but still i was surprised how careful they all were. the most provocative, the one where bush transforms himself into hitler and back, was taken down after it made a huge scandal in the usa. so i guess this does show how the climate in the usa is right now….
    child’s play won! to me quite a conservative choice.