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skiing is so cool

i had to go in town (which is a nuisance on saturdays, but i had to get my prescription for the pain-killers…) and ended up in a bookstore where they had a big sale, including a lot of dvd’s.
so i not only ended up with a prescription for medicaments, but also with two new dvd’s:
a deluxe 3 dvd edition of spiderman for 33 bucks (have you seen the trailer for spiderman2?) and
a amazing skiing movie: global storming for 20 bucks.

i peeked a bit at global storming, which makes me so much want to go and rent those skis and go skiing, but now i have to sit here and eat my pain killers, because skiing with broken ribs is such a no-go.


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  1. i have tested the salomon 1080 for two days and it’s just great. if “conventional” carving starts to annoy you, you should definitely try once to carve backwards with this ski…
    have fun!