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stealth marketing

take a look at this website for a too-good-to-be-true robot, the NS-5.
those of you that read or used to read Isaac Asimov novels will get it at the first look that this page must be in some kind related to him, because of that little saying in the bottom left corner: “3 laws safe”:
and when you perform a WHOIS-check on who registered the domain then you see that the whole thing is probably a marketing campaign to make you want to see the upcoming film by 20th century fox, i robot.

i want to see it!

i’m a really big fan of asimovs stories, if you’ve never read one, then go and grab i, robot or the foundation trilogy or any other book of him. they’re quite good on the science-fiction part, but even better on the philosophical part.
he wrote a lot of stories turning around the three laws of robotics , which imply really interesting situations on how robots could interact with humans, hence the “3 laws safe” is quite a giveaway :-)

[original link via gizmodo]

update: macslash is covering another aspect of the NS-5 campaign.

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