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new feature on this blog

i was reading some more about trackback some days ago (which still is a bit too much for my puny little head to fully get the point).
well, the thing is that some guys proposed to the trackback abilty of movable type to post songs from winamp, then another guy followed up with pretty much exactly the same for itunes (btw, also quite good for window…).
the approaches used a special applescript which i could not get to work (even with the help of l33t b. :-)
after hours of debugging and timeless rebuilding of my blogs index files i googled for another solution, which comes in the form of kung-tunes (clearly a sibling of kung-log, which i rely on to maintain my blog).
the solution is actually not any different than with the applescript, but kung-tunes has a GUI which i found out to heavily rely on.
but there was even some more debugging needed and quite a long discussion over fire with berni, which led to the final result (with again some l33t coding snippets flying through the ether) to the new category on the sidebar.
you can now see what five songs my itunes played in the last few minutes. including links to the ITMS (where you can only buy the song if you are in the us of a-land, but a preview is availiable from everywhere) and cover-art from amazon (if available).
an interesting point of view if you want to know what rocks my socks.

if you want only to see the songs, and not read my babble all day long, then you can click here, there sits the file that gets included into the sidebar through some php-magic.


now there’s only one problem: as i have quite a buch of swiss music. amazon is not very good at finding these covers. maybe there’s a way to retrieve the covers from, but that’s a task for some other day.
and with the ability to post all the played songs the creation of an online habi-hitparade or a “this song was played least”-page seems not too far off. ah, i look forward to all these cold winter evenings :-)

good night!

oh and by the way: i’m listening to Xtremes from the album Billy Bear by Stress while typing this entry, which is a cd you have to buy if you haven’t jet!

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