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daily perscheid

since quite a long time i get some daily comics via mail: calvin and hobbes and the daily perscheid.
i always think that nearly all perscheids are hilariously funny, but this one today just blew the top off everything. not actually the joke itself but the tiny little twist (pun intended) in the preserving jar in the bottom left of the rack.
(it says “hitlers pen…” which undoubtedly stands for the little mans dong….)
this made my day!

i have no idea if this is a copyright-issue if i post that picture here on my blog, but i think this goes under “fair use”, just to say that perscheid is really great!

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  1. i’m just some random person, sorry! i looked my last name up on google and this popped up! i never knew there was a german cartoonist with the same last name as mine, interesting…