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tandem movie is up

well, if you’re interested, one of the tandem movies can be downloaded here.
i have to issue a warning, the file is about 9mb in size and if you got a weak stomach, then you might get ill :-)
further infos: the timeline of the movie is absolutely unedited, we drove down the frickweg with the speed you see on the movie (btw. B. and Hermann, i could not show your house, because i had to concentrate on the sharp turn at the end of the badgasse, sorry) and had exactly those two and something minutes to drive down.
the annoying noise is the wind blowing in the microphone of my cam. remember it’s supposed to take pictures, the movie-ability is just a nifty feature…
and yeah, gimme a break, i know the sound is not edited very thorough, but as i said before, it’s my first try with imovie.

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