in none

20 vs. 90 minutes

from next week on:

habi: Bern nina: Bern Zürich

and i already feel lonely.

explanation: nina has to finish her studies (pharmaceutics) in either zürich, basel or geneva and she chose zürich for obvius reasons (the ETH in zürich is very renowned).
i stay here in bern for the moment. so we stop living 20 minutes apart, which makes me kinda sad.
i hope – from deep inside my heart – that this is only a test for our relationship and not a stumbling block! i know that i won’t be that big of a problem, there’s telephones, and normally she’ll come back to bern on the weekends and we’ll shurely manage to see each other during the week from time to time. but still the possibility to see each other spontaneous kinda does not work anymore…
nina, i love you!

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  1. You can do it man! 90 minutes is not that far away in comparison to 12 hours by plane :-) GOOD LUCK!!!

    btw: Muchos saludos y algunos besitos para todos de Stephanie y Claudia en Guanajuato

  2. i know it will work out, but at the moment it just feels like a big hurdle to take.

    and i also know that both of us want to make it work out so the chances of things going really awry are minor.