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good and bad news

the good news: my bike is back!
after that it has spent a day somewhere, Mr. Wüthrich called at work this morning and told michel, that he found my bike in front of his shop.
so it seems, that somebody managed to open the lock on my bike, drive from my place to mr. wüthrichs coke machine and left it there.
what a twerp, stealing a bike for less than 5 minutes. but hey, i cannot complain, it’s back and in mint condition, nothing happened to my baby :-)

and the bad news (probably only interesting for these guys): Willy Aeschbacher did not renew his contract to run the cafeteria in the Gymer, where we all shared some remarkable moments.
So, from the beginning of next year, there’s no more Willy in the Mensa. How sad :-(

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