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if you share an interest in tattos (if you’re a bit curious, then you might have found out, that I AM tattoed and got some piercings, too :-) then the skin-project looks really interesting, not only from the tatoo-point of view, but from a really artistic idea.
i’ve been thinking about getting a second tattoo since a long time (i’ve drawn a design pretty soon after i got my first one, in Sydney, one day before my 21st birthday, a bit more than 6 years ago.) and this might drown the desire to get that sund on the back for a moment….

btw: IAM is something like a close-gated-community for people who share an interest in body modification. Shannon (which is a really interesting person, from the stuff i read on his page) programmed the whole thing from scratch and hosts it, making it a place for me to hang out since years, actually my first entry on that blog dates from the 17th october 2000. (i guess three years ago, noone used the word blog, just think about that…). the closed-gated-community aspect made me post some really personal stuff from over the past years, where actually noone knew about that page, something like a diary which you keep for yourself. then Shannon opened IAM for the public, so now i do share some really personal stuff only for IAM-members, so not for the whole internet.
well, this entry got much longer than i thought, but i think it’s also time to get a bit more personal here, and not only post geeky stuff :-)

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