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note to self

tomorrow it’s my duty to cook for ten hungry messengers, i have central-shift, and my flatmates have gone to bed already, so i cannot print them, because we have a “three flatmates to two printers ratio” and i’m the one without printer :-)
these are the recipes:

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  1. Sounds delicous! Good appetite!

    Even though I claim to find most things on the net, I have rarely succeeded in finding good ideas for recipes on the net. Either the selection is too big and undifferentiated (if they offer all possible permutations of the ingredients, how do I know which tastes best?) or way too small to find any that fulfill all applying restrictions.

    OTOH, the net works for me if I try to find a specific recipe when I already know what I want to cook.

  2. well, that was the case for me.

    i knew i wanted to cook something with pumpkin and pasta and it was something like the second hit on google with “kürbis pasta sauce”.

    and yes, it was quite delicous!