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Siegfried & Roy

do you know those two gay tigerhugging wackos that look like they’re still stuck in the eighties?
well, roy got hurt last friday (guess by what…) and is now in the hospital in critical condition.
hope he survives or the second one of “the masters of the impossible” has to think about a new name for his performance.

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  1. hello erin.

    this is my personal blog, so i guess that makes it right for me to post that.

    i did not mean to hurt any feelings, but know that i can do with my posts.

    let me explain it a bit: i know it’s extremely sad when someone gets hurt very bad (or even killed) by some way and that it is extreme trouble for all the friends and relatives when something like this happens.

    but were siegfried and roy not playing with death all the time?

    is it right to treat tigers (an endangered species, btw) like this?

    is it right that all newspapers all over the world write about a hurt dompteur (i live in switzerland, europe) and that no-one ever reads about the tragic death of a little kid somewhere in southern africa or india or any other country that had to die because her mother could not feed it right (for the price that is about 100 times smaller than the price one person pays to see siegfried and roy’s show?)

    am i really that ignorant.

    (and yes, siegfried and roy are both a bit demodé)