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today i went shopping a little bit (free afternoon, because all my classes are already on holidays and i’m only biking around 50 % of my time…): some little stuff for the upcoming week, i’ll be in greece, and then went to jäggi, because you can read all the comics you want without bein bothered.
near the comics FUST has an electronica-shop which i never can resist and always go and have a little look: today i spotted the perfect replacement for my old VCR, which is not far away from dying: the Panasonic DMR-HS2 , a combination of HD- and DVD-recorder which can fit up to 52 hours of video on its disk.

then i was looking things up a little bit and found out, that there are some other rivals of the DMR-HS2:

  • first, the DMR-E80S, also from Panasonic which “Replaces the DMR -HS2 and also adds MP3 Playback and doubles the recording time by having an 80GB hard drive.” and funkyly costs 300$ less (according to
  • then the TVS 100 from Fast, which has no recorder, but a network option, so you can FTP your recorded series to your Mac or PC to burn it to VCD, SVCD or DVD.
    Its bigger brother can even be programmed over the web.
  • the computec dm-d100, sitting on the same shelf at FUST (with no avaliable info on google :-) which is cheaper (1000 CHF as opposed to the 1500 CHF one has to pay for the DMR-HS2) but has no recording nor networking ability. it sports a 120 Gb-HD and seems very plasticky, but hey, who needs archiving :-)

so we get to the conclusion: if you got some bucks to spare to help my geekness, then drop me a line :-)

update: gizmodo just wrote about the new ultraslim HD-recorders from sharp, which includes a firewire-port… (click on sharp to see a babelfish-translation of the page…)

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