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i need a bigger ipod

i just ripped an old cd i had lying around here: Overproof from Rockers Hi-Fi.
And after i synced it to my ipod, i found out, that i need a bigger one, it’s nearly full!!!

btw: the vast majority of all the songs on my ipod (i guess more than 95%) are legally owned/bougth by either me, my flat-mates or another friend i borrowed the CD. i admit that i have some songs that i got through poisoned or aquisition (three songs from Seeed, which i saw on the Gurtenfestival last year and Tour de France (the 1983 version, not the new one from 2003) from Kraftwerk, are some i remember out of my head…).

i believe in music artists, and i am quite happy to buy cd’s, so it’s simple: don’t steal music…

i have one little story about filesharing: do you remember that old commercial from apple when they introduced the ipod? (click on “commercial” to watch it. it’s hilarious!!!)
i’ve seen it in the openair cinema a year ago and had ages to find the song (take california” – propellerheads). i was searching hours on kazaa (i had a windows-machine at the university, and wasn’t aware of a good file-sharing application on my mac.) to get it and was really happy when i finally could listen to the song.
then, some weeks later i found out that i actually got the song on a CD i own, on the OST of The Dancer, a movie which i never heard of, but the songs are very good!!!

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