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the ipod as a consumer thang…

yesterday i was in rodersdorf, playing ddc with jochen.
jochen stayed over at a friend, so i was on my own in the train to basel and in the tram to bättwil/flüeh.
in the train i was listening to some music on my ipod, when a guy in the opposite compartment scrolls away on the wheel of his ipod trying to find a good tune. then when i walk out towards the tramway i see a girl with the revealing white headphones on the escalator. and to end that silly little story, the girl enters the tramway Nr 10, which i also needed to take and sits in front of me, so i was constantly surrounded by ipods on my journey :-)
the ipod is actually so hip, that it starts to show up in music videos, watch 50 cent’s p.i.m.p-video over at mtv to see 30s seconds of ipod, 50 cent and ladies with white clothes (not very much clothes…).
one point i’d like to make is that altough this little piece of engineering and design has a quite high geek-factor i see more and more girls walking around sporting their personal digital player. so albeit the high geekness it has, it’s also a very good music player for the masses (which is very easy to use, as opposed to other mp3-players i’ve seen bevore. the ipod’s UI is so clever even my mother could use it :-)

ps: if you want to see some action-shots of how ddc looks like, then you find some photos on my pic-page or on damons excellent ddc-page.

ps2: after jochen and me came second at that tournament, i’ll probably have a better ranking on the world ddc rankings than 245th soon :-)

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