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a warm welcome back :-)

when i came home from the european masters championship i started up my trusty ibook to read the mails which came in through the week.
and was quite puzzled :-) 135 mails in one week…

after skimming some of them i found out that the vast majority of them were virus-mails (the virus is sobig-f).
after follwing one of the hints on (btw. one of the best sites for hints regarding a truly beautiful os) i only had something like 25 real emails in my inbox, which was much more what i thought it would be :-)
i didn’t use the mail rule proposed in the hint, which seemed a bit harsh, but followed the last comment to that hint)

some pictures and other stuff from the championship are coming soon, now i need to go to bed, because i only slept for four hours the last night and have to teach some kids physics in about eight hours… looking forward to my bed!

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