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this entry can be omitted…

…if you haven’t been at the lerbermatt-gymer :-) (probably all my blog-readers exept B., Miklos and Arni)
as you might have heard, i’m the substitution teacher of hans kammer (MC of Physics!) at that high school we all were.
and this morning was the teacher conference to the start of the semester. when i walk towards the building, guess who’s watching out of the window: Ändee Jöhl and Dieter Gilgen. They both look a bit puzzled and then. start. to. wave. their. hands. oh joy :-)
this is gonna be a fun semester.

i only say:
stuwi chäschüechli w
sirup …
willi ä

aaaaah, those were the days…

for those of you which have no idea what i’m talking abuut: i’m a substitute teacher at the high-school where i went to school 7 years ago, and most of the teachers that i had lessos with are still there, which amounts to a serious funkyness…

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