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i’m really happy i stayed at home and didn’t go to the streetparade, and went for a swim instead :-)

i was actually looking for a pic of the pair wich was in the sonntagszeitung today (page 6 for those who have it at hand), but couldn’t find it online, so i finally made a pic of the newspaper with my digicam.

the guy with the adilettens is abso-f***ing-lutely funny!!!
(i had a little conversation with jacky in the eichholz today, that adiletten are a no-go out of showers, wardrobes and toilets…)

REMARK: I have absolutely nothing against people which get a kick out of cross-dressing or wearing fetish-wear or stuff like that. i just can’t get it that so many people have to completely freak out once a year and then live on with their 5 days a week, 9 to 5-lives – boring like it was and like it will ever be without that parade.
–> make your whole life fun, not only that one day!!!

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