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guerillia tactics is the right way!

i’ve just seen the new alien ant farm-video on viva: these days. (alien ant farm are known for a punked up version of michael jacksons smooth criminal).
it’s extremely cool. those guys hijacked the audience on the “Black Entertainment”-Awards, amazing all the people there (lil kim, 50 cent, snoop dogg, etc. etc.). they performed their new single on the rooftop of a house across the entrance to the BET. they managed to play their song three times before the police made it to the roof and arrested all of them.
the quality of the video is not extremely good, but i really like the anarchistic idea behind it, to not care about anything to make a funny video -> guerillia style :-)

some links
– coverage on MTV-News with Pictures
read the story on (in German). On you can also stream the video
– some more coverage on

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