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chinese anyone?

if you’re able to speak chinese, check out this page, ’cause i would like to know what that guy is talking about.
i’d love to know the reason he links to my moblog (the last link in the second paragraph).


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  1. Hi, I am the guy(from Taiwan) who made the link to you moblog. :)

    I was talking about the possibility of getting to “know” remote people through the use of mobile technology, which was never quite possible before the dawn of all this moblogging stuff. Nothing else special. People here haven’t actually tasted the power of blog yet so I have to get an example to show, and you are on. ;)

  2. This comment shows just perfectly the niceness of the whole blog-idea –> contact between people.

    I make a link to Schee, which leads him to leave a comment at my blog.

    This is the next big thing!