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this is just too cool!

When i get an SMS on my mobile phone while it’s paired over bluetooth to my trusty little ibook i get a window like this:

this is just too frigging nifty!
(for those without german…..
BOAH: this is even cooler!
while i was typing this entry, Gäbu Palacios (on the left, getting the score while I play Gäbu-Pong) called me, and voilà I get this window!

Does any PC offer the same functionality (Call me a proselyted Switcher)
OK, here’s the translation for those of you non-german-readers:

  • The first window is titled “incoming SMS” and the buttons offer the ability to save the SMS as a note, answer or aknowledge with ok (duh!)
  • The second window is titled “incoming call and says that the phone rang four times. I’m offered to answer via SMS, to direct Gäbu to my voice mail or to get the call.

PS: Thank God i know the Keyboard-Shortcuts for a Screenshot by heart (Apple+Shift+3 for the whole screen and Apple+Shift+4 for a selection) :-)

and i almost forgot: The incoming call does also mute my ibook and unmute it when i hang up…

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  1. you told me about that dashboard on friday night, and now i can’t check it out (bad slashdot!). let’s hope someone ports it to OS X :-)

    and i have no idea how the phone broadcasts an incoming call.

    i think it must broadcast it openly, because the bluetooth stick (bought through shouldn’t pick the signal any different than another phone. (perhaps the phone needs to be paired, and perhaps just wouldn’t do anything with that info it gets…)

    what are you thinking about?

  2. Yep, it’s just too cool! After finally having prosyleted my brother, he’s starting to become a mac-freak! :-) Just today, I had to discuss with a blocking PC-User (one, that just didn’t want to understand)about what’s cool on Mac… is there anything to explain?! Well, first try to install a digital-cam driver on a PC and then do it on a Mac… oh sorry, you don’t have to do on Mac! right Habi?

  3. yes, “plug and play” starts to sound completely different on a mac.

    I plugged my Sony DSC-P9 in and iphoto fired up, recognised it and downloaded all the pics.

    I plugged in the Bluetooth stick and it worked from the first second on.

    All without even unpacking the driver CD-ROM


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