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some other blogs near my epicentre

ok, i thought it’s about time to jump the bandwagon and list some friends with a blog:

  • Bärni, an old classmate and also a mate at university (Whichseems farther away from day to day…). He “seduced” me to install a movable type blog here on (actually he installed it for me:-)
    Bärni is the CTO of [] and has an unbelievable insight into the inner workings of any computer and programming language
  • Miklos, also an old classmate of mine, and a good friend through all those long DVD-Nights :-)
    He is the chief of the steadicenter and one of the web-masters of The other one has no blog (yet).
  • Bärnis Brother Arni just started a blog too.
    He’s a very good drummer, but does actually sell his whole equipement (perhaps to make some money for his upcoming trip to the remote parts of our world :-)

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