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this blog is now without /blog

in the last few weeks movable type stressed the server more and more. after reading a bit into it, i found out, that wordpress is much fancier and much less resource-hungry as a blog platform.
and after trying out an install wordpress on, which really took less than five minutes, i was sold. now wordpress is powering and the blog is going to migrate to the root directory. everything else (pics, cv, my calendars and such) is still gonna stay where it is, and maybe be integrated into wordpress (which works quite well as a CMS) sometimes.
i’m still tinkering with the way of redirectong the old movable type archives to the imported posts, but this still has time.
if you’d like, you can change your feed addresses, but i will install a redirect-rule and leave everyting where it is.
after some time, when google and co. picked up everything, i’m gonna delete or inactivate /blog…

for your convenience [1] here are the new feed addresses:
for the posts: and for the comments:

[1] i also really like the URIs which are generated by wordpress. nice and clean (see the archives, for example…)

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