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picture of the week 27 [update]

i spent the past weekend with renzo and eveline which competed in the gigathlon, a race across switzerland involving swimming, inline skating, road- and mountain-biking and running from locarno to basel via luzern. all the athletes and their supporters were housed in two camps, the picture below shows a panorama of the tents in the camp in airolo.

Gigathlon High

oh, and don’t blame me for the barrel distortion, i was standing on a heap of scrap wood, while i took that panorama and feared that i’m gonna fall down, so i could not align the pictures any nicer…

update: all the pictures from the gigathlon can be found here.

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  1. ey habi,

    numal aller beschte dank fer dini hilf am, gigathlon und das dü iesch da uf diner sita so als helde darstellsch :)

    liebs grüssi chuz und renzo