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i’m away!

i’m gonna be in oberwald for the whole next week, a teacher-friend of my sister is in charge of a skiweek with her pupils. she an her boyfriend, my sister, her boyfriend, sigi and me are gonna try to tame 21 14-year-old pupils.
so expect no update here (maybe a small one here or here), because i’ll be offline (although i take my ibook with me for some funny project).

have a nice week and behave!

this entry is gonna stay on top until sunday evening, because i might babble on until then :-)

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  1. ig fröie mi sehr uf nächscht wuche und mit däm kommentar rütschi hoffentlech eis ufe bi dire kommentar hitliste…

  2. dü müesstisch scho immer mit dr gliche emailadresse e kommentar hingerla, damits geit :-)
    aber i has itz gänderet und drum bisch du eis ufegrütscht ir hitparade.
    i fröiemi o fescht