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the past friday was absolutely amazing at work. as you might know (or not…) the swiss messengers have a collective product: swissconnect. hence, if a customer wants to send a parcel to any other town in switzerland, he just gives us a call, and we do the rest.

pick it up at his door, drive to the train station, put it on a train, and another partner grabs it from that train and delivers the parcel. anything goes. passports from lausanne, movie rolls from ostermundigen to zürich.

normally all those swissconnects are a little relief from all the other pickups and drops you do, you get a little break at the trainstation and stuff like that. but this friday was absolutely crazy!

Sc-1on a normal day we get at most around 18 so called velocities. but on friday we had 34 in total (24 exports going from bern to wherever and 10 coming to bern). if you click on the extremely tall image on the left you can see a screenshot from the internal swissconnect site (with masked details…).

every parcel has to be entered on that central site, so every partner (and big daddy cm in luzern) is informed with all the details and everything which can be quite a tedious process if the recipient is not entered as a customer in the database. so the whole friday was filled with entering all those details. so many details that it was hard to keep up with hurrying around six messengers in town. at least it was good fun and we made

the best day-revenue of the whole year up to now. way to go!Wochenrapport

the funniest parcel involved a passport, a russian diplomat, and some mühsam zuschlag from our side, but as i said to dom, it was only one of those 3 swissconnects per hour we had this friday.

ps; if you wonder how i took the funny screenshot of the internal swissconnect page: i used paparazzi [1], an extremely lightweight tool for taking complete screenshots of any webpage. i know you can just print the page to pdf, but then you break it up in separate pages and i thought it looks ways more impressive that way… (oh, and don’t worry, i didn’t install it on dispo1 or dispo2, i made the screenshot here at home…)

[1] the website seems to be down, i tried to use the coral cache-version, but it doesn’t work either. you can grab it on versiontracker if you like…

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